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At Rainbow Montessori School we believe that our similar age-grouped, small class size and low student/teacher ratio allow us to meet the needs of diverse learners. Classroom sizes are limited to 15 students with two teachers. We currently offer four classes which range from young three year olds to kindergarten: We blend a holistic Montessori methodology with a traditional nursery school approach that uses both group and individualized activities to help children develop the following proficiencies:

  • Self confidence Self-discipline
  • Critical thinking
  • Social & communication skills
  • Gross & fine motor skills
  • Specific cognitive skills

As part of our curriculum we offer exposure to the following areas:

  • Practical Life, science and world culture
  • Gym, dramatic play and active play (indoor and outdoor)
  • Traditional group learning focused on language arts and literacy
  • Montessori activities in math, language and sensory development
  • Music & art

Based on the diverse curriculum, students spend their day engaged in specific activities that are organized between five classrooms; Practical Life, Montessori, Dramatic Play, Group, and Music. Each classroom focuses on a specific skill set and experience:

  • The Practical Life room focuses on science, world cultures, fine motor skills and art
  • The Montessori room offers activities in math, language, sensory development and fine motor skills, which allow each student to work at their own pace. Activities in this room are self-selected and self-directed with teacher supervision and direction when needed.
  • The Group room provides a traditional classroom setting with a focus on language arts, literacy development and listening skills.
  • The Music room includes singing, playing musical instruments, show and tell, story-time and activities that develop social, listening and communication skills.

In addition to these four classroom experiences, a portion of the schedule is devoted to dramatic play indoors (dramatic play) or outdoors (weather permitting). We believe that a stimulating academic and social curriculum should be balanced with play to help develop social as well as gross motor skills.

An additional benefit to our unique classroom approach is that students learn to be independent and organized while transitioning from one room and one and experience to another throughout their day.