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Birthday Walk


Birthday Walk


The special Birthday Walk celebrates each child's birthday. Children with summer birthdays can schedule a celebration during the school year. 


Please schedule your child's birthday walk celebration with the RMS Office one month prior to your child's birthday. You can submit the information and photographs to your child's teacher the morning of your child's walk. 


The Birthday Walk requires some information from parents about your child and photographs:


·         Basic details about your child's life (i.e., when they first went to school, when any siblings were born, family pets, etc.).


·         One picture from each year of your child's life would be helpful (baby, 1 year, 2 year, etc.), including what the photo depicts (i.e., a special event, milestone or vacation spot).


We will use the information and photos to talk about each year of your child's life as they hold a globe of Earth and walk around the "sun" one time for each year, corresponding to the yearly orbit of the Earth around the sun. The "yearly" information needs only to be a few details for each year.


If you have any questions and/or want to schedule a Birthday Walk, please see the RMS Office staff.


Approved Snacks for Birthday Parties at Rainbow

·         Annie’s Bunny Grahams

·         Applesauce

·         Cupcakes made ONLY with CHERRYBROOK FARMS* OR NAMASTE* mixes found at Stop n’ Shop and Whole Foods supermarkets.  DO NOT ADD OR SUBSTITUTE INGREDIENTS! DO NOT ADD CANDIES OR SPRINKLES! USE CUPCAKE PAPERS!

·         Treasure Mills School Safe Brand Baked Goods

·         Clementines (peeled)

·         Cheerios (not Honey Nut or Frosted) and Raisins

·         Fruit Salad (grapes cut in half, oranges, pears, bananas only)

·         Home-made apple or orange fruit juice pops

·         Jell-o brand Jell-o Cups & Pudding

·         Popsicle brand Popsicles

·         Oreo Brand Oreo Cookies