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Staff & Teachers

Ms. Pam Petrillo – Director

Pam Petrillo has been the Director of Rainbow Montessori School since 2013. She holds a BA Degree in English with New Jersey State Teaching Certification for grades Kindergarten through 12th. Ms. Petrillo completed Montessori training last year at the Princeton Center for Teacher Education. Prior to becoming the Director of RMS, Ms. Petrillo functioned as the Assistant Director for five years, working alongside then Director, Jenelle Erickson Boyd. Ms. Petrillo began her career as a teacher at RMS and spent 7 years working with children ages 2 ½ through 4. In addition to her love of teaching children, Ms. Petrillo is very interested in the history of New Jersey and serves as a commissioner on the Landmark Commission of Hanover Township.

Administrative Staff

  • Ms. Carter Lee – Office Administrator

Color Group Teachers

  • Ms. Christina Bronco  – Blue Group
  • Ms. Marilyn Zara - Purple Group
  • Ms. Virginia Scott - Orange Group
  • Ms. Hannah Schoenfeld – Red/Silver Group

Room Directors

  • Ms. Rita McCleary – Montessori Classroom
  • Ms. Claire Renga – Practical Life Classroom
  • Ms. Kathleen Growe – Music Classroom
  • Ms. Lucille Clemente – Group Room Classroom
  • Ms. Gloria DiDomenico – Dramatic Play/Gym Classroom

After Care

  • Ms. Allie Brewster
  • Mrs. Kathleen Growe